Any firm or individual that conducts financial services in, or from, the QFC must be authorised by the QFC Regulatory Authority.
The QFC Regulatory Authority only regulates firms operating within, or from, the QFC. Similar regulatory organisations in Qatar include:

- For insurance: Qatar Central Bank

- For banks: Qatar Central Bank

- For stock market: Qatar Financial Markets Authority 

The QFC Regulatory Authority’s mission is to ensure that firms establishing in the QFC meet the highest standards of fitness and propriety and that, once authorised, operate in a safe and sound manner in accordance with international best practices and comply with all relevant laws, regulations and rules.

Good corporate governance in firms operating in the QFC underpins the transparency and integrity of the financial sector in Qatar, minimises the risk of reputational damage and promotes business conduct in accordance with best international standards. Good corporate governance also serves to strengthen the protection of a firm’s shareholders, clients, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Read the Corporate Governance guide.